Critic - Morgunbladid 17. january 2004


Rósa Sigrún Jónsdóttir has not had a long career as an artist but her works have gotten attention for beauty and innovation. She has been using Icelandic handcraft in a most beautiful and creative way and is obviously strongly connected to nature.

The work she is now exhibiting in Gallerí Hlemmur is a true farewell song to the gallery, it is beautiful, strong and memorable in its simplicity.

Rósa is a very talented artist who manages to put ordinary things in a strong and beautiful perspective.

The web of Q-tips is gripping and unforgettable. It reminds you of the creation of nature like the spiderweb or beehive but it also reminds you of the constant consumption and cleanliness in our society.

The obsession reflected through the size of this handmade web is creepy but the web is still very beautiful.

The video which is part of the exhibition extends the meaning of the work, makes it more obtrusive and there is good harmony between the sewn fingertips of the artist and the Q-tips in the web.

You start thinking of Marinas Abramowic bodyart from the seventies and eighties. In one of them a needle was stung into a fingertip and if I remember right she tried to sew her lips together in another.

In one artwork she, just like Rosa, criticizes the beauty industry by combing her hair vigorously and calling the work"art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful"

But Rosa also has a strong sense of humour and lightness which can not be found in Abramowic work, she also lives in different times.

It is rare to see an artist that works in such a simple, personal and strong way, using every day material and therefore it is a reason to look forward to her next step.

I do not know her intentions but her job is not easy in the Icelandic artworld.


Ragna Sigurðardóttir.