Morgunbladid 15. october 2001


Doctor B. returns



Genetics have become as prominent in visual art as in the discussions of ethics. 

The possibilities that are within sight in this field undoubtedly tickle the imagination of artists but are at the same time a source of some concern.  The question asked is; where will genetic engineering lead mankind; will it change us; perhaps mutate us, or alter our lives and other life on the planet to the extent of it becoming unrecognizable from what we presently see?

You can tribute artist that when it comes to science they are rarely cowards.  They can be pessimistic in their approach to genetics and consider it destructive to the natural path of life but usually they approach these issues with a healthy dose of humor and casualness.

Olga Bergmann does just that in the role of Doctor B; a scruple free genetic scientist. 

Utilizing an unusual range of materials and approaches, Doctor B. presents her samples, drawings and educational diagrams which she has altered with collage techniques. and assemblage, adding for example plastic animal figurines.  The drawings are a different chapter because they present clearer than the other pieces the thought processes behind the mutations in Olga’s work.

There could certainly be more drawings and the artist could let loose more in their execution; she has the capacity for that.

A Ferris wheel with various mutants from the animal world that turns when you walk past it, gorgeous test tubes that glow in the light from the window and a amusing video of altered cartoon and doll figurines make Olga’s exhibition a very entertaining miniature amusement park with all the fun and playfulness that this kind of laboratory requires.



Halldór Björn Runólfsson