News release


 Saturday 14 December at 4 pm opens in Gallerí Hlemmur, the exposition of Viktoría Gudnadóttir, which has the name “Pride”.

It is possible to divide the exposition in two parts; video installation and a text work.

The works are connected in the sense that they both deal with our role as a spectator. On one hand the viewer can experience how we look at people and how we are being looked at by them. And on the other hand there is told a small story that most people can identify with.

Viktoría did her art study in the Netherlands and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute this year. She lives and works in the Netherlands.

 Galleri Hlemmur is open from Thursday to Sunday from 2pm - 6pm.

 Adress: Thverholti 5, 105 Rekjavik, Iceland
 tel: + 354 5520455