Unnar Orn Jonasson Audarson born 1974 in Reykjavik

Lives and works Malm÷, Sweden.

               / 121 Reykjavik / Iceland

                        Phone: IS      -354-6995621 / -564-5611733

                                   SWE  -46-730611893     

                        Languages: Icelandic, English, Danish, Swedish and French




2000-2002            Malm÷ art academy, Lunds University, Masters Degree (MA).

1995-1999            Icelandic College of Art and Craft (ICAC), mixed media. BachelorDegree (BA).

1994-1995            University of Aix-en-Provence. French.

1990-1994            Kvennaskˇlinn in Reykjavik. Junior College. Matriculation exam.


                                Selected Solo exhibitions

2002                       Gallery Peep. Malmo. Sweden.

Gallery Westwerk. "Egill und Unnar". Hamburg. Germany.

Gerdarsafn, "New Works". Kopavogur Municipal Museum. Iceland.

2001              "Fully-grown". Reykjavik. Iceland.

2000                       Dentist waiting room at Laugavegur 74. "Stolen Magazines", Reykjavik. Iceland.

                        "Family reunion", part of a final exhibition from ICAC. Reykjavik. Iceland

1999                       Gallery Nema Hvad!  "Lottery ľ No zeros". Reykjavik. Iceland.

                                The Agricultural Bank of Iceland. "I got to remember to go to the bank". Reykjavik

1997                       Gallery G˙lp! "My Will". Reykjavik. Iceland.

1996                       Gallery G˙lp! "The Mall & Me". Kringlan shopping mall. Reykjavik. Iceland.


                                Selected group exhibitions

2002                       Gallery 21, "Defeted", Malmo.  Sweden.

                                Gallery SŠvar Karl, "Creepy-evil-gay", Reykjavik. Iceland.

Astrup Fearnley Museum, "Malm÷-Oslo 1-0", oVERstation, Passenger. Oslo. Norway.

2001                       Galleri Slunkariki ,"Battle Between Good and Evil". Isafjordur. Iceland.

                                The Living Art Museum, "Public Relations". Reykjavik. Iceland.

                                The Yellow House, "All-Ready-Made". Reykjavik. Iceland.

2000                       a5 and guests, Under the Sophia church. Stockholm. Sweden.

                                Galley Mejan, "Spirit and water" Stockholm. Sweden.

                                The Living Art Museum, "No History". Reykjavik. Iceland.

                                Stadmitt Gallery, "Kunst ohne Raus" . Hannover. Germany.

                                The Yellow House, "The House is breathing". Reykjavik. Iceland.

                                The Living Art Museum, "Agile Videos". Videos in videoteque. Reykjavik.

1999                       "Feng-Shui Fast-Food". Noodles and FengShui sculptures. Malmo. Sweden.

                                "The Positive and Affirmative Reykjavik Tea Party.... " Hverfisgata 46. Reykjavik.

1998                       Gallery  Client, "Nationalism". Reykjavik, Iceland.

1997                       Gallery Under a Couple, "Small Celebration". Reykjavik. Iceland.

                                The Living Art Museum, "Collect Points & Live a little". Reykjavik. Iceland.



2001-2002                  The Tiger and The Polar bear. Collaboration between 5 artists. Five exhibitions in four countries.

1996-2002            Member of Mjˇlk, three artists posing as a pop band.

1999-2000            a5 : collaboration of Nordic artists.


                                Gallery activities

2000-2002            The Yellow House at Lindargata, Reykjavik. Iceland. A squatted house for art.

1998                       Gallery Fish. Skolavordustigur 22, Reykjavik. Iceland.

1997                       Gallery Client and Department in Crises. Skolavordustigur 6, Reykjavik. Iceland.


                                Prizes / Stipendiums 

2003                       Iaspis, Studio grant, NIFCA. Stockholm oct-des.

2002                       Travel grant, Icelandic ministry of Culture 2 times

2000-02                Sleipnir travel grant (Nordic Ministers Council) 5 times.





2002                       Open Mouth. Written Discussions.  Editor and contributor.

Rooseum provisorium. 02/2002.

2000- 01                                Morgunbladid. Weekly writings on art (for 14 moths).

2001                       World of Art Newspaper, "Global City Reports: Reykjavik", Thames  & Hudson, no.1, 01.

 co written with Asmundur  Asmundsson

2000                       NU: Nordic art review , "Art Squatting", vol.2 no.5/00 page 8-9,

co written with Bjargey Olafsdottir.




updated 12. 2002