Thorbjörg Thorvaldsdóttir

Barónsstíg 53, 101 Reykjavík
Tel:  354+552-4132


Icelandic College of Art and Crafts 1989-1993
Ecole Nationale d´Arts de Cergy-Pontoise 1993-1996
(DNAP 1994, DNSEP 1996)

Group Exhibitions

“Gullkistan” Art Festival, Laugarvatn Iceland, 1995
“Eins konar hversdags rómantík”, Reykjavík Art Museum, 1995
“Dans la Nature de l´Air”, Gallerie du Jour-Agnčs B, Paris France, 1996
“-30/60+”, Reykjavík Art Museum, Iceland, 1998
"Ný ađföng", ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavik Iceland, 1999
"Firma 99", Reykjavík, Iceland,  1999
"Ljósmyndasýning", Reykjavík Iceland, 1999

Solo Exhibitions

Nýlistasafniđ, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland, 1995
Gallery Show-box, Reykjavík Iceland, 1997
Ásmundarsalur – ASÍ Art Museum, 1998, Reykjavík Iceland 2000

Represented in Collections

ASÍ Art Museum, Iceland
Penninn Art Collection


The Icelandic State Artist Endowement, 6 months 1997
Penninn Art Fund 1998


“Eins konar hversdags rómantík”, Catalogue, Reykjavík Art Museum 1995
“-30/60+”, Catalogue, Reykjavík Art Museum 1998

Caracteristics of my artistic practice

In my art I work mainly in sculpture and photography (and video).  The medium I choose acording to the idea. 

The theme of my work is most often the every-day life.  The wonders and strangeness of every-day life.  I recreate situations of every-day life to see the beuty of it and to try to be astonished infront of it.  The feeling in the photos or in the works is important.  It is a feeling of calmness and stillness (a feeling of the banal).