She was in fact raised up in the same room as the chickens. The chickens were kept in the house. They didn't distinguish between their house and the outhouse.
The girl didn't get any human upbringing and believed that she was a chicken as a consequence. She barely spoke. She was around 14 years old when all of this was brought to light. The case is closed and the house has been burnt down.
Maybe are we not human beings. Is it possible that we are forced into believing that we are human beings while we are something else or are we forced into believing that we are something else than human beings. We were apes, some sort of apes and the species have succeeded in fooling themselfs.
According to some people the gender is determined at birth, chosen from the parents and the society. Being human is thus determined. The victims of the modern world and all kinds of victims as well. It is not that some are left out - yes we don't realise that something else is existing - there is no one behind the curtains who knows better. I mean like this girl- I think she didn't see any other children - She didn't attend school. The system didn't notice her disappearance till she reached high school age.
It is just like the wolveschildren that are well know in the world. It happens that children are brought up with some animals, wild animals like wolves. They naturally behave like wild animals because that is the thing they learn. Icelanders are not Icelanders but
something else.
There is a reason for our homogeneity, for our attraction to the same things and the same lifestyle.

Fragments from a bartalk.