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 The artist Steingrimur Eyfjord opens the exhibition "Poultry ways she developed and means" Saturday May third, at 4.00 a.m., in Gallery  Hlemmur. 

Steingrimur Eyfjord has had a number of exhibitions in Iceland and  abroad.  See and  

The exhibition is an installation based on a true tale from recent but  by  gone days about an Icelandic girl that grew up as a hen amongst hens.  The  myth of the child that is reared by unrelated species is probably best  known  in the stories of Tarzan reared by apes, Mowgli by wolves and of  Romulus  and Remus both by the same wolverine.   Magnús Thór Jónsson was the godmother of the exhibition's title and  contributed to the verbal definition of the exhibition's content.

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