Trilogy sculptures 1999

Three connected shows taking place in august, october and december 1999.

I use the same 19 objects in all the shows. I change theyr color and title each time to give the work another concept and make a new piece.

These exhibitions are about art, the meaning and the meaninglessness of it. I am meditating on the non provocative similarities in art and whether the purpose of art is the art itself, or if it exists outside of it.

 The first one "The part of beauty" took place in a well known art- Café in Reykjavík, Café Mokka, which is presenting artists from all over the world.

It was a beautycontest between the19 pieces, painted in bright colors. I made little tickets where I asked the guests to describe what they thought was the most beautiful piece. In the end of the show I counted the tickets and crowned the winner "The part of beauty"

For the second show "Meditation on art" I chose to exhibit in a clothe store which had a very minimalistic white painted interior, like a gallery. There people would accidentally see the show or if they got bored they could look at nice clothes. The objects where white and I hung them in the window. There they looked like a silent decoration. I also made a meditation where I took people on a journey into an empty white room.

The last one "The depression of the true artist" will take place in in Reykjavík in december. This time I paint them black. They will be scattered on the floor. On the wall will be a text that reads "Give art a kick. The artist gives you the permission to kick the artwork".

With the work on the floor, walking around with theyr head turned down, kicking the artwork, the audience will look like they are depressed.