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Portland, OR 97219                                                                                                               Iceland
/fax: (503) 245-0777                                                                                                          Smi: 5516263

Fdd Reykjavk 1969  


2001                       Gallery Hlemmur. Reykjavk, Iceland.

2000                       Weavings and Things. Marylhurst University. The Art Gym. Portland, OR. USA

1998                       Snibox. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavk, Iceland.

            Norsk Kunsthandverk. The Nordic Museum of Arts and Crafts. Showcase artist. Throndheim, Norway.

                              Visibility. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavk, Iceland.

1997                       Higgins Hall Gallery. Brooklyn, NY, USA



2001          Contemporary Skeins. Contemporary Crafts Museum. Portland, OR. USA.
                  Oregon Biennial
. The Portland Art Museum. Portland, OR, USA
Domesticity. The Waiting Room. Minneapolis, MN. USA.

2000          ll essi ef... Safnahsi. Eigillstair. Iceland.
               The Inner and Outer World - The World Above and Below. The National Gallery of Iceland.
                  Nordic Design Writers
. Rhsska Museet. Gteborg, Sweden.
               Flotsam und Jetsam Strandgut. C-line Project. Kulturforum Burgkloster. Germany.
           Nonpulstra. f m schwarz galerie. Cologne, Germany.
Mercer Union Gallery. Toronto, Canada.
Queens Theatre in The Park. New York, USA.
                  Inventing Iceland.
Articule. Montreal, Canada.

1999          Hot Spot. Kultur Bahnhof Eller. Dusseldorf, Germany.
Ironi. Bomuldsfabriken. Kristianssand, Norway.
Kynstrin ll. The Reykjavk Academy. Iceland.
Common Thread. Gerarsafn. Kpavogur, Iceland.
                  Chronologies. The Rotunda Gallery. Brooklyn, New York.

1998          The 9th International Triennial of Tapestry. The Central Museum of Textiles. Lodz, Poland.
The A. I. M. Program Exhibition. The Bronx Museum of The Arts. New York.

1997           Wrong Place, Right Time. Double Pleasure. Manhattan, New York. USA
The International Gallery of Snorri smundsson. Akureyri, Iceland.
A4. Ott Plonk. Bergen, Norway.

1996            5 x 5 x 5. Kunstraum Wohnraum. Hanover, Germany.
Red Room. The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. Brooklyn, NY. USA.
The Smurf Problem. Calculator Gallery. NY. USA:

1994-95       Varde. Royal College of Art.  Traveling exhibition. London, England.
Palazzo Delle Esposizioni. Rome, Italy.
Imparmuvszeti Mzeum. Budapest, Hungary.
Hochschule der Kunste. Berlin, Germany.
Vienna Museum. Vienna, Austria.

1993             Snow Crystals. Nstu Grsum. Reykjavk, Iceland.

1992             Skin. The Helsinki University of Art and Design. Finland.

1990             ha Listahtin. Reykjavk Art Festival. Hinshsi. Iceland.



1994-97 Pratt Institute. MFA. New Forms Department. Brooklyn, NY, USA.

1989-92 The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. BFA. Textile Department. Reykjavk, Iceland

1985-89 The Commercial College of Iceland. Business and Language Diploma. Reykjavk, Iceland.



2000                       The Icelandic Art Museum, Kjarvalsstair. Reykjavk, Iceland.

                                                The Icelandic Design Museum. Garabr, Iceland.

1999                       Srlandets Kunstmuseum. Kristianssand, Norway.

1997                       Linda Francis Collection. New York, USA.





2001                       The Betty Bowen Memorial Award. Special recognition. Seattle Art Museum, WA, USA.

The Oregon Biennial. Juror Award. Portland, OR. USA.

2000                       The Icelandic Artist Salary Grant for 3 months. The Icelandic Government. Reykjavk. Iceland.

Penninn Art Foundation. Award. Reykjavk, Iceland.

                Travel grant to go to Montreal. The Icelandic Government. Reykjavk, Iceland.

1999                       Cultural Award. The American Scandinavian Society of New York.  USA.

1998                       Show case artist at The Nordic Arts and Crafts Museum. Trondheim, Norway.

The Icelandic Artist Salary Grant for 6 months. The Icelandic Government. Reykjavk, Iceland.

The 9th International Triennial of Tapestry. Selected to represent Iceland. Lodz, Poland.

The Icelandic Government. Travel grant to go to Poland.  Reykjavk, Iceland.

1997                       Selected among 18 artists to participate in The Artist in the Market Place Program The Bronx Museum

of the Arts. New York. USA.

1994-95   Varde. Selected to represent Iceland in a Nordic Design Exhibition that traveled around Europe.

Travel grant to go to London. The Icelandic Government. Reykjavk, Iceland.

1994         Thors Thors. Grant towards an MFA in the USA. The American Scandinavia Foundation. Fullbright. Iceland.

1994                    Pamela Sanders Brement Foundation.  Artist residency at Haystack.  Deer Isle, ME. USA.



2001                       Artist talk. The Portland Art Museum. OR. USA.

Art and Cultural Heritage. Seminar. The Nordic Art Center Dalssen. Norway.

                                                The United World College. Visiting Artist Talk. Sognefjorden, Norway.

Mary W. Rieke Elementary. Arts coordinator. Portland, OR. USA.

Graphic arts teacher on computers. Lewis Elementary School. Portland, OR, USA:

2000                       Contemporary Crafts Museum. Symposium. Three approaches to contemporary textiles Portland, OR, USA.

                                                Artist talk. Art University of Iceland. Reykjavk, Iceland.

                                                Art teacher. Art University of Icleand. Textile, Sculpture and Design Department. Reykjavk.

                Maryland University. Artist talk and guest teacher. Maryland, USA.

1999                       Guest teacher. Art University of Iceland. Textile Department. Reykjavk. Iceland.

                                                Art teacher for children at The Reykjavk Art School. Iceland.

                Lecture. Textiles and beyond. The Icelandic textile guild.

1998                       Designed a CD Cover for the Icelandic band Sukkat. Reykjavk, Iceland.

                                                Art teacher for children. Studio in a School. New York, USA.

1997                       Knit-Quilt. Bellevue Hospital. Participated in a Public Art Project. New York. USA.

                                                Visiting artist talk. Art University of Iceland. Reykjavk, Iceland.



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