This is Iceland.
She is an Icelander.
She is an elf.
She is healthy.
She smokes cigars.
She is cold.
She is alone.



You do not know what this is. It could be a commercial or foreign-made
movie. You do not know that this is Iceland; the background could be
borrowed or even a Hollywood set. Matter of fact, you don't know that this
girl is even a resident of Iceland. She may just be visiting. You do not
know whether this girl is an elf or not; all you can recognize is that she
has twinkles in her eyes. You do not know that she is healthy. You can only
see that she has an average complexion. You do not know that she actually
smokes cigars. You only can see that there is a hazy cloud above. You do not
know that she is cold. The green sweatshirt may have been found on the beach
or loaned by a friend. You cannot tell if she is alone. Though she is the
only one who appears in the frame.

By Joshua Trees, artist and designer. (Los Angeles)