News release

"What you actually saw"

an exhibition by Erla S. Haraldsdóttir

 October 26th - November 10th

 Saturday the 26th of October at 5 pm, Erla S. Haraldsdottir opens a private
 exhibition at Galleri Hlemmur. Erla finished her final degree from the
 Valand Art Academy (Konsthögskolan Valand) in Gothenburg in 1998 and has
 since had 7 private exhibitions as well as participated in several other
 group exhibitions; mostly in Sweden, where she's spent a big part of her
 life. During the years between 1998 and 2000, Erla administrated, amongst
 others from the artist-group "", the Ynglingagatan 1 Gallery in
 Stockholm, and today she's one of the managers of Galleri Hlemmur.

 This is the second time Erla exhibits in Galleri Hlemmur; in the fall 2001,
 she and the Swedish artist Bo Melin displayed computer-manipulated
 photographs depicting the streets of Reykjavik. On this occasion she will
 be introducing a video piece situated in the main showroom of the gallery.
 The piece is closely related to her computer-collages, but instead of
 focusing on the urban society as before, she now examines the relationship
 between man and nature - in harmony as well as in disarray. The piece is
 somewhat surreal and is the artist's attempt to stimulate the visual
 perception of the unconscious mind and, at the same time, the logical  reality.
 Erla has asked the L.A.-based artist and designer Joshua Trees to interpret
 in his own words one single still-frame from the video without having had
 the opportunity to see the video in full length. These thoughts will be
 printed in the exhibition programme. Furthermore, she has invited a young
 artist, Arngrímur Borgţórsson, to make a graffiti-piece on one of the walls
 in the gallery, inspired by the same picture and given the same starting
 point. In that way Erla opens up for other people's interpretations of an
 isolated part of her work, which she will use as input in her show.

 Galleri Hlemmur is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm -6pm.

 Adress: Thverholti 5, 105 Rekjavik, Iceland
 tel: + 354 5520455