2004 spring program of Approach Art Association:




International Contemporary Art Festival and Workshop


Shortcut of program



International Contemporary Art Festival and Workshop


Conference and workshop, exhibition

Date: ápril 14. – máj 12. 2004.

place: Zsolnay Factory, Hattyúház, House of Art

curators: Attila Doboviczki, Rita Varga


MédiaFactory offers a compilation of discussions conferences, workshops, film and video programs. The huge exhibiton, situated in the Zsolnay Factory, presents three thematical blocks, where the guest curators selects international and home based pieces of arts by their own conception. The exhibiton is dominated by installations, multimedia and video-works representing contemporary art tendencies in the technical media. Performances, symposions, and exhibition will build up a conceptual web around the event which is searching for an answer, how can we bring the local crossing culture and developing technically innovated art ambitions together into an intellectual spatial level.


Planed participants:


Magnus Sigurdarsson (Gallery Hlemmur, Izland)

Thora Thorisdottir (Gallery Hlemmur, Izland)

Saerun Stefansdottir (Gallery Hlemmur, Izland)

Olafur Arni Olafsson and Libia Perez de Siles de Castro (Gallery Hlemmur Izland)

Ivo Weber, Köln

Martin Piacek (Buryzone Art Association, Pozsony)

Rónai Péter (Művészeti Akadémia, Brno)

Vladislav Galeta, (Art Akademy, Zágráb)

Telnomade Art Group (Marseilles)

Artur Zab (DOKU, München)

Christian Wolf (DOKU, München)

Joceline Clemente (Tonner de Brest, St. Etienne)

Christophe Dansard (Tonner de Brest, St. Etienne)

Rudolf Kocsis (Delta Gallery, Arad)

El Bus (Delta Gallery, Arad)

Laura Paity (Likovnij Susret, Sabadka)

Edita Kadiric (Likovnij Susret, Sabadka)


10 additional artist by competition (hungarian és forigner).



I. „ ART PERIPHERIES Contemporary Art Tendencies

International Contemporary Art Symposium and Seminarium

curator: Tomasz Wendland

 II. alapzaj.net

International Symposium on Net Art
26-27-28-29 April 2004.
curators: Balázs Beöthy, Zsolt Keserue

III. Interface

International Contemporary Art Symmpozium and Seminari

kurátorok: Andrea Bordács, Jozsef Keszman

-     story on board

-     szimultán

-           interspace


I. „ ART PERIPHERIES ” Contemporary Art Tendencies

International Contemporary Art Symposium and Seminarium

curator: Tomasz Wendland


„ This meeting between artists and theoretitions will open a debate, which will take place in several places spread between Hong Kong and New York. We are aming to find the value and task of art in the contemporary world. All the changes caused with technology, such as fast communication, travelling, Internet, globalisation, influence our consciousness. Every generation graws in rapidly changing conditions. Art is not any more outstanding occupation of prophets, visioners, who own a language of images, stronger sometimes then reality. That was broken already with the photography.

We are living in the time, when centers in any sense are loosing their values, everything starts to be accessible everywhere. Pheripheries slowly disapear. Maybe art itself must accept to be a pheripheric value? Or maybe art has again a major task to offer alternative world, not manipulated with massmedia, politic and consumpitionism?

Where is pheripherie? What does it mean a center? It is a geometrical sense or economical, or cultural? Does center can exist without pheripheries, or is it possible to think about peripheries, if there is no center of the universe?

Where are peripheries of art? What happens at the limits of disciplines? Where does the new gets born? What is the task of peripheries and centers?

Even we think about peripheries, we should start with a question about an identity, of ourself and identity of thoughts apearing in our minds.

I hope that a set of creative meeting will bring as at the end of the year 2004 to an understanding of contemporary relationship between art and world progress. Questions about identity, peripheric values, global and local cultures fusions of different values, privacy and individuality will let as to develope strategies towards an internation artistic practise not only responding and reflecting on what is happening, but we will be able to offer new visions of art and its creative, alternative proposal for people in time of mass consumptionism, and superficial standarisation of life. „

                                                                                                (Tomek Wendland)


International Symposium on Net ArtPlace: Pécs, Zsolnay Factory 26-27-28-29 April 2004.

curators: Balázs Beöthy, Zsolt Keserue



alapzaj.net is devoted exclusively to net art: artworks created for and distributed by the internet. Works which exist only in the reality of the net. This dynamic art form uses, criticises, transforms the technical and conceptual means of the network. At the same time it offers a tool for creative thinkers living at various geographical places to create significant artistic work displayed for an international audience. Net art is over its herioic period. It has trends and established institutions, represented in significant art events - Venice Biennale, Documenta in Kassel.




After a general introduction our guests hold lectures on net art, present their artistic activity.



Olia Lialina




Net artist living in Moscow and Stuttgart. Master of storytelling professor of interactive design at the Merz Academy, Stuttgart, creator of the first net.art gallery. She is the participant of numerous international events and festivals. Recently she organised a Java Applet Workshop for local artists on Bora Bora Island



Heath Bunting



Media artist, an expert of communication systems, the travelling ambassador of net.art. Lives in London. He works with several media, became internationally renowned by his network projects. He was an exhibiting artist of DocumentaX, participated in several international exhibitions and festivals Vuk Cosic




Media artist, one of the founders of Ljudmila Digital Media Lab. Lives in Ljubljana. In his works he poetically, conceptually and ironically approaches, comments and reflects on the changing technical and thematical aspects of network culture. He achieved international fame by his appropriational pieces and by his ascii-investigations. He was the Slovenian artist of the 49. Venice Biennale. Competition


(25 February-10 April 2004)


As an essential part of the event we have an open, international net art competition. The best works will be presented and analized for the festival audience and on the bilingual homepage of www.alapzaj.net.

The first prize of the competition is a laptop.



Curators: Andrea Bordács, József Készman


Interface means: a meeting point or touch surface. Touch surface could be meant concretely as something physical, but also in a metaphorical, metonymic sense: cultures' meeting in space and time, or links between places in a certain moment. From the 90's in the trinity of film, printed word and human–computer interface all those metaphores and all the strategies to organize information are hidden which nurture cultural interfaces.

This exhibition, in three extensive  tematic sections (Simultan Stuctures, Story on Board, Inter Space), attempts to represent trought – mainly - hungarian  young artist’s works.



If there’s any questions or notice, please sign on e-mail: kmegallery@freemail.hu



Csaba Szepfalvi Agnes-Nemes (grafics – animated dravings, story-board)

Laszlo Csaki (computer print)

Gyorgy Kungl (plastical sequence)

Attila Hetesi (photbased print) city violance-story

Gyula Varnai (dekonstruction of classical comics)

Kriszta Nagy /Tyereskova/ (diary-painting complited with text)

Sandor Racmolnar (Dingbats-sequence)

Szilvia Seres (animated paintings on projector)

Geza Szollosi (scenes in formaline)

Agnes Eszter Szabo (wall-hangings-sequence with modern themes)

Rita Varga (paintings)



Lajos Csonto (videó-projekction)

Attila Csorgo (mobil installation)

Eike (mixed média installation)

Andras Kapitany (computer print)

Zsolt Koroknai (Hermetikus circuling c. low tech mobil)

Andras Nemeth (laser-installation)

Orsolya Nyitrai (light-installation)

Andras Ravasz (light box, print)

Surányi Miklós (computer-installation)

Zoltan Szegedy-Maszák

SI-LA-GI (Szabolcs Szilagyi) (site-specific installation)

Janos Szirtes (action-installation)